We buy hundreds of boats a year from individuals, businesses, banks, and even other dealers.

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  • No Need for Expensive Classified Advertising
  • No Strangers Knocking At Your Door
  • No Late Night Phone Calls or Texts
  • No Annoying Emails
  • No Lengthy Inspections
  • No Title or Tax Worries
  • We Offer Fair Market Value
  • We Handle All Payoff Paperwork
  • It's All Quick and Easy

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Hull & Deck  --  Gel Coat/Paint, Scratches, Spider Cracks, Damage, Transom Integrity

Motor & Mechanical  --  Starts, Idle, Compression, Transmission, Water Pump, Steering

Interior  --  Upholstery Tears, Cracks, Faded, Worn, Loose Pedestal, Carpet

Canvas  --  Faded, Torn, Missing, Eisenglass Fogged, Zippers, Missing/Dented Snaps

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